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Bulgur Wheat with Moroccan Spiced Tofu



Bulgur wheat with tomato, roast pepper and fresh herbs, served with Moroccan spiced tofu, steamed green beans and a fresh vegan yogurt-style dressing
(great eaten cold as a salad or hot)


Female Fat Loss 24g Protein / 36g Carb / 13g Fat / 381 Calories

Female Balance 25g Protein / 44g Carb / 13g Fat /411 Calories

Female Muscle Gain 26g Protein / 49g Carb / 13g Fat / 449 Calories

Male Fat Loss 30g Protein / 57g Carb / 15g Fat / 506 Calories

Male Balance 32g Protein / 65g Carb / 15g Fat / 551 Calories

Male Muscle Gain 33g Protein / 70g Carb / 15g Fat / 582 Calories